Platens, Hold Downs & Platen Mask

Sub Categories

An important part of the screen printing process is fixing your substrate in position. We sell a variety of screen printing platens, brackets, vacuum boards and hold downs.

Our MDF platens are great value and easy to clean with a strong melamine white surface. Our platen sizes range from children to adult mega and we also sell a sleeve platen and vacuum board.

We also sell two types of platen attachment brackets which are sold separately. The 50mm is for use with our wicked presses and carousels and the 75mm is for use with larger printing arms on floor standing Hopkins carousels. 

Aluminium Platens
Our aluminium platens which are ideal for floor standing carousels are very hard wearing and long lasting and can help you to avoids warping caused by flash drying.

Hold Downs
We sell a range of Weiss hold downs for printing onto caps, jackets and umbrellas.  These hold downs can fit other carousels but we need to know the arm sizes.

Vacuum Board
Our vacuum boards are ideal for printing posters, banners and stickers and their warp resistant frame makes for for longer durability. This board is a must with our 2, 4 and 6 colour printing presses for single and multi coloured prints. We also sell the Weiss Vacuum platen and motor which can be used with other brands of carousel.